Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-01-17


Martin Bless, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter


  • one request by Fabien for the Flow application (decision pending, very good voting result)

Official manuals

  • status:
    • Core APIs up to date for TYPO3 4.5 (except for some old chapters)
    • Templating Tutorial moved to Git and ReST
  • managing versions
    • starting with documentation for TYPO3 6.0 to drop mentions of older versions
    • in particular for class names, we don't want to use old class and new (namespaced) class names all the time => it would make the manuals unreadable
  • navigation to versions
    • Check with Fabien for generating the menu based on the Flow application data


More news from (Martin):


  • place a robots.txt at to disallow spidering of and of
  • the TYPO3 Api should have a better interface for linking to topics
  • bring the search field back integration

  • the "Document Library" branch of the site now indicates that recent documents are to be found on

Next meeting

  • Thursday, February 21, 2013, 21:00 CEST

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