Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-02-21


Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter, Fabien Udriot, Christian Wöbbeking

Official manuals

  • Templating tutorial
    • now listed officially on
    • Christian checks with Christopher for updating the doc_tut_templating extension
    • François making some corrections, then will publish an announcement
  • TS in 45 Minutes tutorial
    • clean up and update by Christopher
  • Getting Started tutorial
    • Christian replacing img directives by figure directives
  • Core APIs
    • update to at level of 4.7

ReST migration for sysext manuals

  • target 6.1
    • yes, but prioritize improving the usability of for extension authors
    • not a small task, because ReST markup needs to be cleaned up after migraiton
    • how to view the documentation locally
    • François talks with Benni

  • handling of versions (stable, latest)
    • default version should be the stable version (i.e. 4.7 or 6.0) and not latest (master)
    • needs some menu to switch version
      • would ideally be based on "solid" data from the Flow application
  • Flow application
    • upgrade to Flow 2.0
    • build a REST layer, but not stabilized yet in Flow
    • refactor application, in particular being able to flexibly register sources of documentation (e.g. TER, Github, etc.)
    • Fabien may not be available before May or June
  • extension manuals
    • improve the current extensions page (, by François, nearly done
    • discuss with TER team about interactions:
      • trigger a job upon extension upload
      • give feedback about rendering
  • Solr integration
    • needs a page from which to crawl everything
    • François to check again with Ingo, in particular with regards to faceted search (Flow, Neos, CMS)


Summing up the above, the priorities would be:

  1. extensions page improvements
  2. version handling
  3. Solr indexing
  4. TER integration
  5. Flow application
  6. migration to ReST for 6.1 sysext manuals?

Competitor workflow enabling documentation contributions

ZF hosts its documentation on Github. Any file can be edited online on Github. To do that ZF places an "Edit source" link in their files. The user is then invited to fork the repository, the file can be edited online and generate a pull request upon saving. This informs the owners of the master repository of the change, so that they can review and if it's OK integrate it.

Fabien submits proposal to ML.


  • next T3O code sprint
    • Fabien maybe
    • others not attending

Next meeting

  • Thursday, March 21, 2013, 21:00 CEST

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