Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-05-16


Ernesto Baschny, Martin Bless, Michael Schams, François Suter

Official manuals

  • officially unmaintained manuals are now marked accordingly on (see
  • up to date manuals (6.1):
    • TSref
    • TSconfig
    • TS Syntax
    • TCA
    • Core APIs
  • Coding Guidelines
    • Most aspects updated for 6.0
  • FAL
    • Not much feedback
    • Content from wiki should be integrated, but that needs a lot of effort, especially without good knowledge of FAL
  • Next important targets
    • Getting Started and Installation Guide

ReST migration for sysext manuals

  • François to test migration of a few manuals next week
  • François to meet with Xavier (on Friday, May 17) and Dominique Feyer
  • General plan
    • migrate the existing manuals to ReST (manuals would stay in the Core) some time in June
    • outline and brainstorm ideas for displaying documentation in the TYPO3 BE, for fetching rendered documentation (especially for sites not connected to the Internet)
    • the above should happen before T3DD13, so that the workshop propose by François can be about doing actual work

Core documentation workflow

  • The worlkflow should be updated to mention that providing an actual patch is optional (because it may be too complicated or people might not be at ease writing documentation)
  • But it is still absolutely necessary to open an issue on Forge and indicate the relation with the Core patch
  • François to update the wiki page and to inform in the Core list

Gerrit integration

  • Martin created a hook for Gerrit:
    • when a merge is performed, would be notified.
    • we then check if the related Git repository is known to If yes, a rendering is triggered.
  • Martin in contact with Fabien to place the script on
  • This will enable to trigger rendering automatically upon each merge
  • It becomes more important now to have the ability to mark which version is stable:
    • e.g. when a user accesses TCA Reference, it must be the stable version and not the latest master in case some new feature's documentation is already merged

Extension manuals

  • Next steps:
    • detect presence of ReST-based documentation and render it
    • provide a script which can inform the TER about the existence of the manual (first needs to be checked with the team to see what would best fit their needs)
    • improve the rendering of converted OO manuals, but with limited scope:
      • include the header, so that the navigation is not broken
      • include a reference to the CSS, for better looks

Flow application

  • Fabien has no time to improve it for now
  • Robert (Lemke) was contacted but has not time either
  • Maybe Karsten will have time in the next few weeks


Reminder of priorities defined early 2013

  1. extensions page improvements (done)
  2. version switcher (done)
  3. migration to ReST for 6.2 sysext manuals
  4. TER integration
  5. Flow application
  6. Solr indexing


  • Christopher updated the MediaWiki software of the TYPO3Wiki
  • For the next MediaWiki (major) update more work will be needed:
    • It will break one of our extensions (PDF export feature).
    • Our skin will have to be adapted.

Next meeting

  • Thursday, June 20, 2013, 21:00 CEST

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