Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-06-20


Martin Bless, François Suter

Official manuals

  • there's now a "latest" version available, corresponding to the next TYPO3 CMS release (i.e. 6.2)
  • some documentation patches have already been committed, official documentation is now up to date in nearly real time

ReST migration for sysext manuals

Extension manuals

  • current situtation:
    • script running every 2 hours, renders OpenOffice manuals
    • manual setup upon individual request, based on a Github repository or TYPO3's Git/Gerrit queue
      • README files from Github rendered (must be in ReST)
    • no link from
    • rendering based on OpenOffice manual does not use the full template
  • this status to be described by François and posted to the wiki, so that people asking about usting ReST in their extension can be pointed there
  • things missing to move onward:

Flow application

  • Karsten's work
    • Upgraded to Flow 2.0
    • Massive code clean up and optimization
    • Creation of endpoints for requesting a rendering
    • View of all available manuals
  • glue pages
    • how to automate the glue pages. Several options discuFabien in private mail exchanges


Reminder of priorities defined early 2013

  1. extensions page improvements (done)
  2. version switcher (done)
  3. migration to ReST for 6.2 sysext manuals (ongoing)
  4. TER integration
  5. Flow application (ongoing)
  6. Solr indexing


  • budget for 2014
    • François plans to request budgets for next year
    • two requests
      1. for a part-time technical writer, equivalent to 20% job
      2. for finalizing and maintaining, would aim for 30-40 days

Next meeting

  • Thursday, July 18, 2013, 21:00 CEST

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