Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-10-17


Martin Bless, Xavier Perseguers, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter


  • remainder of budget for 2013 (3'630€ = 66 hours @ 55€/hour)
    • possible uses:
      • finish supervising integration with (links to, Apache redirection from old manuals to new ones)
      • coordination of work between Xavier and Martin
  • budget submitted for 2014

Official manuals

  • When do we create the 6-2 branch? Upon release.
  • As we work on manuals, we can drop the global list of Intersphinx keys and replace it by a local, most targeted list.
  • We can use references to
  • Do not refresh screenshots before 6.2 beta2 as some skinning patches are still coming in

Documentation extension "EXT:documentation"

  • Merged into the Core, will be available in TYPO3 CMS 6.2

Extension manuals

  • improved rendering
  • PDF rendering
    • requires activation by the developer
  • translations support

  • integration with Solr
    • not done yet.
    • Martin to check with Olivier Dobberkau about status
  • redirections for old links ?
    • we know the structure of the current URLs and can have them redirect to the proper manuals on
    • send 301 status, so that Google updates its index
    • Not done yet, could be assigned to Fabien on the remaining budget (as mentioned above)
  • TER integration
    • TER now links to (in list view, should be upcoming)
    • support for PDF link and list of available translated manuals
      • Xavier discussed that with Thomas Löffler, should happen for details view in the few next days (at least on staging?)
      • serves as advertisement for switching to reST
      • Thomas plans to work with to know which manuals/translation/pdf are available


Reminder of priorities defined early 2013

  1. extensions page improvements (done)
  2. version switcher (done)
  3. migration to ReST for 6.2 sysext manuals (done)
  4. TER integration (partially done)
  5. Flow application (ongoing)
  6. Solr indexing


  • planning for a change in leadership
    • François to resign at the end of 2014
  • :
    • hoping for spam-filtering improvements by Server Admin Team
    • François' proposal: shut it down
    • Martin's proposal: redirect it to a Gmail address (at least temporarily)
    • François to check progress (or not) of the Server Admin Team in a few weeks, otherwise Martin's solution is good and avoids "losing" this address

Next meeting

  • Thursday, November 21, 2013, 21:00 CET

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