Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2013-11-21


Martin Bless, Xavier Perseguers, Michael Schams, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter


Official manuals - translations?

  • translations
    • no activity on translations at all
    • only short moments of interest, but that's it.
    • as such the Documentation Team will not provide any official way of translating manuals for the time being
    • if strong and regular demand suddenly surfaces, we will review this position
    • close translation projects
    • Old translations in OpenOffice were published as extensions, have automatically been migrated to reST and are available at
      • Maybe we could create one single page with links to these extension renderings

  • new design for the site
    • Ben van 't Ende suggested that is really sexy
    • the design of could be improved
    • furthermore the current design doesn't integrate well into the TYPO3 backend when using the 6.2 documentation module
    • Xavier thinks that our current usage and extension of Sphinx packages must be improved first
    • then we could imagine having two different HTML renderings (for and for BE integration)
  • first contributions to Github mirror

  • integration with Solr
    • Martin to check with Olivier Dobberkau about status
    • no news so far
  • redirections for old links ?
    • status of Fabien's work => no update
  • TER integration
    • update from Xavier => nothing happened


Reminder of priorities defined early 2013

  1. extensions page improvements (done)
  2. version switcher (done)
  3. migration to ReST for 6.2 sysext manuals (done)
  4. TER integration (partially done)
  5. Flow application (ongoing)
  6. Solr indexing


  • :
    • spam filtering not much better after upgrade
    • ask Server Team one last time, then move to Gmail if helpless

Next meeting

  • Thursday, December 19, 2013, 21:00 CET

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