Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2014-01-16


Martin Bless, Xavier Perserguers, François Suter


  • budget for 2014 fully granted
  • code sprint: in planning

  • new design for the site
    • related to glue pages
    • good topic for the code sprint
  • a bug exists where symlinks are sometimes created in the "extensions" folder, where there should be none
  • Xavier helped Karsten render the Flow documentation properly as PDF

Solr integration

  • we need to get to the bottom of this
  • questions:
    • what is needed on so that Solr can provide a faceted search into documentation again?
      • list of documents?
      • notifications about updates?
      • specify the <div> tag which contains the content
    • TER listing
      • where is this information coming from? Who is responsible for it and how can we help making things right?
    • TER detail view
      • the link is always poiting to, even when documentation is not available
      • ask Thomas Löffler => Francois does it
    • search on
      • how can we use it?
      • could we have facets per product (CMS, Flow, Neos)?

Extension manuals


  1. Solr integration
    1. TER index page: how is it built? who is responsible in the end?
    2. documentation facet search on
    3. search on
  2. Flow application (ongoing)
  3. Consolidation of tools and processes
  4. Document all our tools


  • spam on : situation much improved, refinements to be made at some point, but usable again.

Next meeting

  • Thursday, February 20, 2014, 21:00 CEST

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