Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2014-03-20


Martin Bless, David Denicolò, Xavier Perseguers, Michael Schams, François Suter


  • New team member: David Denicolò
  • Interested person, likely visitor to the code sprint: Guido Haase

Code sprint


  • Status and inventory:
  • Flow application
    • blueprints by François
    • knowledge sharing
    • active coding
    • finally use it on!
  • Landing pages for
    • concept
    • design
    • technical solution
  • Miscellaneous
    • implement Piwik tracking code
    • Github contribution process:
      • extend to other manuals
      • add editing link on
    • brainstorm about what to do with old stuff in the wiki

Official manuals

  • Updated on time for 6.2 release
    • TypoScript
    • TSconfig
    • TCA reference
    • Core APIs
    • TypoScript Syntax
    • Coding Guidelines
    • Security Guide
  • Ernesto has been working on an updated Installation Guide
    • hopefully changes can be merged before the release of TYPO3 6.2
  • Next effort should be on Getting Started and Editors Tutorial

Solr integration

  • questions:
    • what is needed on so that Solr can provide a faceted search into documentation again?
      • list of documents?
      • notifications about updates?
      • specify the <div> tag which contains the content
    • search on
      • facets per product (CMS, Flow, Neos)
      • how can we use it?
  • status:
    • during their last codesprint the server team (Michael Stucki and Fabien Udriot) have been working on installing Nutch (crawler) and made substantial progress, but are stuck with one error.
    • contact has been taken with people at dkd for help.

Extension manuals


  1. Flow application (ongoing)
  2. Solr integration
    1. TER index page (done, but not quite right)
    2. documentation facet search on
    3. search on
  3. Consolidation of tools and processes
  4. Document all our tools


Nothing important for the minutes.

Next meeting

  • Thursday, April 17, 2014, 21:00 CET

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