Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2014-07-17


Xavier Perseguers, François Suter

  • Vagrant box
    • Not fully working yet
    • Peter Niederlag will continue the work, using 2 days from the budget
  • Flow application
    • since no one from the team was available, François called for qualified developers in the Flow ML
    • Marc Neuhaus and Jacob Floyd answered the call
    • François will chat with Marc next wek to brief him
  • PDF rendering
    • Xavier to proceed with improvements according to budget

Official manuals

  • Move to Github so far:
    • a real success! We never had so many contributions, including for some tiny fixes.
    • no statistics for pull request, but already 34 forks across all manuals.
    • the rendering is triggered properly upon each Gituhb merge.

Solr integration

No news.


  1. Flow application (ongoing)
  2. Solr integration
    1. TER index page (done)
    2. documentation facet search on
    3. search on
  3. Consolidation of tools and processes (ongoing)
  4. Document all our tools (ongoing)


  • Is anyone available to present the new documentation at T3CON and spread the word about our work?
    • Xavier, François and Martin are not planning to attend

Next meeting

  • Thursday, August 21, 2014, 21:00 CET

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