Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2014-08-21


Martin Bless, Philipp Gampe, Michael Schams, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter

  • Vagrant box
    • No recent news from Peter Niederlag
    • new build script works fine on Linux, but not on Mac
  • Flow application
    • Jacob Floyd worked to improved the domain model
    • Marc Neuhaus started implementing user authentication
    • The TER is now sending signals to RabbitMQ after extension upload
  • PDF rendering
    • What needs to be done? How much budget will be used?
    • Xavier gathering feedback from the community
  • new (cleaner) HTML rendering
    • use the budget from the JSON rendering
    • activate JSON output
    • Martin can use the budget from the "JSON output" milestone for this
    • François to ask Xavier to follow with Martin (can use the "Project Management" milestone for this)

Official manuals

Solr integration

  • currently in outer space

Extension manuals

  • how to centralise user questions about manual rendering errors?
    • can we post the warnings file somewhere)?
    • if the rendering completes, the "warnings.txt" file can be accessed in ""
  • how to report on extension documentation "quality"
    • Extension Builder (introduce a "quality" screen)?
      • and are currently awating new maintainers => no hope there for now
    • points to check:
      • no documentation at all
      • still using OO format
      • no README.rst or no Documentation/Index.rst
      • folder Documentation.tmpl not renamed (from Extension Builder)
  • Actions


  1. Flow application (ongoing)
  2. Solr integration
    1. TER index page (done)
    2. documentation facet search on
    3. search on
  3. Consolidation of tools and processes (ongoing)
  4. Document all our tools (ongoing)


  • nothing

Next meeting

  • Thursday, September 18, 2014, 21:00 CET

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