Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2014-09-18


Martin Bless, Xavier Perseguers, François Suter

  • Update to Sphinx 1.2.3
    • current problems solved:
      • Sphinx is up to date
      • location of Sphinx and its libraries is clear
      • some path was missing for the rendering cron job, but it is fixed
      • also we now use "pip", which is the recommended package manager now in the Python world
    • basis for future improvements:
      • works with newer versions of Python (enables a Python upgrade)
      • enhance the LaTeX writer for our needs and propose the patch for merging
  • Martin digging into Sphinx and improving his knowledge

Official manuals

  • Nothing new, we still haven't branched.
  • Since we now know that the next version of TYPO3 CMS will be numbered 7, we can start branching as needed
  • Version number for documentation will be "7.0-dev" for now

Solr integration

  • the status is rather unclear. Martin will talk with Michael Stucki to check if the indexer is running as expected on

Extension manuals


  1. Flow application (ongoing)
  2. Solr integration
    1. TER index page (done)
    2. documentation facet search on
    3. search on
  3. Consolidation of tools and processes (ongoing)
  4. Document all our tools (ongoing)



Next meeting

  • Thursday, October 23, 2014, 21:00 CET (date changed!)

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