2018-04-12 Regular Team Meeting

Daniel Siepmann, Harry Glatz, Martin Bless, Mathias Brodala, Mathias Schreiber, Mona Muzaffar, Nikolai Townsend, Sybille Peters

Excused: Christian Kuhn

Beginning of the meeting: 10:25 CEST.

Today's agenda

We are re-establishing the team itself and regular team meeting. These notes are therefore long and not perfectly sorted.

Team formation

What is a team member?
- a team member is generally interested
- is willing to show up consistently (hangouts, sprints, communication)
- is willing to create value in one way or another
- is willing to take over responsibility of some kind

The plan is to have regular online team meetings (Slack call) once a month
on the second Thursday of the month at 11.00 am CEST. Until 12.00 am at most.

This makes the dates:
2018-05-03 11.00 am CEST (first Thursday, exception because of holiday)
2018-06-14 11.00 am CEST
2018-07-12 11.00 am CEST
2018-08-09 11.00 am CEST
2018-09-13 11.00 am CEST

Let's have a "mission statement" in mind:

  • we want to take care of TYPO3's documentation needs
  • we want team members to benefit from their work in the team
  • it's not the team's main job to do all the writing itself
  • the team facilitates, helps, organizes, creates the infrastructure, teaches
    technical stuff and writing skills

BTW: 2017 really has been a major breakthrough for TYPO3 documentation.
The community really picked up the writing stuff.
Though the team had been very small, we had more contributors than ever.

"How exactly do we work?" is what the team should clarify for itself in
upcoming work

  • how to organize ourself:
  • What tasks do we see?
  • How do we assign responsibilites?
  • How do we keep track of tasks?
  • Where do we report in the public? (, news, forge, twitter, blog, "team document")
  • How do we communicate what we are doing?
  • How do we make sure that incoming requests to the documentation team are handled properly?
  • How can we pull more people in?

Results and what we said:

  • Rendering should run on TYPO3 GmbH Bamboo in the future. This we can parallelize and scale rendering in the future.
  • Issues should be at the "target".
    Saying so, issues regarding infrastructure are inside of Jira.
    Issues regarding documentations are at Github in the repositories.
    Issues about the theme and Sphinx-extensions are in their repositories at Github.
  • A domain expert should be determined for each area (security, TCA, TypoScript, etc.) to ensure final reviews of proposed changes.

More results of today:

  • Martin's going to come up with a document for collaboration.
  • Martin's going to cleanup the membership and access right djungle at Forge and Github.
  • Sybille is connecting with Harry to find a suitable task right now.
  • Nikolai wants to gain more understanding, for example about local rendering with Docker.
  • Mona and Martin already had a longer hangout the other day to prepare for the user experience week.

Areas to take care of:

(in alphabetical order:)
  • Care about the infrastructure (theme, tools, server, search)
  • Github issues
  • handle Github Pull Request: every member can check in nobrainers and "easy" stuff.
    For expert stuff we need to know who is willing to be the expert for that manual.
  • Keep our contributors satisfied (quick response, Lob, Aufmunterung)
  • OTRS
  • Restructure existing documentation
  • Teach the techniques (reST markup, Github workflow)
  • Teach the writing (styleguide, ...)
  • Wiki

Task details: Describe and put into words: "How we work"

  • Use Slack channel #documentation-team for within-group communication.

Task details: Teaching Docs

Task details: Develop a "Documentation Styleguide"

Make that a chapter in the "How to document TYPO3 projects" guide.

Task details: Deal with the Wiki

Task details: Teach how to document and pull people in

Collecting questions:

  • How do we keep track of which manual with which branch is in what state of progress and needs editorial attention?
  • How do we communicate this to potential contributors, for example those at the UXweek?
  • What is the policy for creating and maintaining branches (e.g. which branches, see TCA, Extbase / Fluid)
  • What to do with Extbase/Fluid book? (and other Extbase/Fluid related docs / references, e.g. viewhelpers)
  • Status of search engine, next steps
  • Tell me something about" needs more work. Who can help?
  • Structure of contribution guide(s) (docs, core, translation, general)
  • Define best-practices for contribution (in docs contribution guide)
  • github / forge / jira
    Should all (public) documentation git projects and their (still relevant) open issues be moved from forge to github?


((the place for you to jump in with anything))

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Thursday, May 3, 2018 11:00 CEST
  • All further meetings will be on the 2nd Thursday of each month

End of the meeting: 11:30 CEST.

Notes for the next meeting:
The notes were:
It has been moved to Forge wiki:
Forge overview:

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