2018-09-20 Regular Team Meeting

Attendees: Christian Kuhn, Daniel Siepmann, Martin Bless

Beginning of the meeting: 09:00 UTC, 11:00 CEST

Welcome back

  • How is everybody doing? …


  • Server is now being used for extension documentation rendering.
  • The "extensions" page is updated and now works correctly: Correctly means, exactly those manuals are offered in the Javascript search on that page that are available
  • The Json file that signals which extensions do have documentation now has a much simpler format, is recognized by the TER application and, most important, it is up to date.
  • The - very - old rendering, know as TER-automation task bei Xavier's tools is NOT active any more. This also means, that we definitely don't need the Yaml Settings.yml any more. Use Setting.cfg instead.
  • Christian has updated a chapter in the TCA about some "difficult" types (... that nobody understands). Christian will add a small "news" note to the homepage.


  • Is there something you would like to work on - and deliver something in the end! - by making use of the budget?

Martin: My plans

I'm back with full motivation.

  • I had a long talk with Micheal Schams this week. Will try to talk to more people if possible.
  • I like the idea of identifying "Schwerpunktaufgaben" (clever name wanted.) As there could be:
    ① How to make a good looking homepage for
    ② global search
    ③ How to provide a developers tutorial, that would make a developer choose TYPO3 and extension development instead of Symphony, for example
    ④ Clean the Wiki
    ⑤ Provide the "automated viewhelper" documention
    ⑥ Care about SEO related stuff: complete the robots.txt, work with the Google Webmaster tools

    The documentation team's task would be: Describe and define such a task (Schwerpunktaufgabe), do a Request For Contributions to the community, find interested people, making one of them a coordinator, and have them work on a plan. That could then lead to sprint where people are physically present and - hopefully - solve the task. Daniel adds: This seems to be fully in sync with other activities in the community promoted by Oliver Hader and Benni Mack.

  • I've moved my hack for the rendering chain already to srv006. So the rendering of extension manuals is done from there already, not from an external laptop any more. My plan - and bigger task is - to turn that hack into a real solution and make ALL renderings happen on that machine with the same process, so we have only one kind of rendering left for all manuals.

What else?

Discussing several small things ...

Next meeting

End of the meeting: 10:08 UTC, 12:08 CEST

The notes:
Moved to Forge wiki:
Forge overview:

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