2018-10-18 Regular Team Meeting

Attendees: Daniel Siepmann, Martin Bless, Nikolai Townsend

Beginning of the meeting: 09:00 UTC, 11:00 CEST, 16:00 ICT (Indochina Time)


  • How is everybody doing?


  • Info: Yesterday Michael Schams and Martin had a talk about a possible "Creating Extensions" tutorial. Michael may be willing to work on this. As a first step the repo has been created for Michael to use. ① First step would be to write the README file giving the plan for that manual. Michael will do that. ② Ideas and discussions could then go there to the issues.


  • In today's team leader meeting: The name "task force" for special tasks around documentation (like ① better homepage, ② zap missing links problem (404s), ③ global search, …) was appreciated.
  • Viewhelper: Daniel will be checking whether he can offer - for example - two days of regular budget work to get the automatically generated viewhelper reference, that some people had worked on, really only. 80 % of the work are done - it's all about the remaining 20% ;-)
  • What else? Well we talked a lot to catch up with recent developments of the docs rendering toolchain and so on …

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End of the meeting: 09:49 UTC, 11:49 CEST

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