2018-11-15 Regular Team Meeting

Attendees: Daniel Siepmann, Martin Bless, Nikolai Townsend

Beginning of the meeting: 14:00 CET (Amsterdam, Berlin) 13:00 UTC (London), 20.00 Indochina


  • How is everybody doing?


  • DS: Worked on new rendering chain using bamboo with lolli. Gathered necessary information from Martin.
  • DS: Manually published ViewHelper reference in co-work with Anja.
  • DS: Streamlined all phpdoc comments for ViewHelpers within the core, and re published the reference.

For your info

Sven Wiener has contacted us. He is diving into "TYPO3 Explained (coreapi)" manual. He's planning to write a
chapter about "system extensions". I encouraged him to extend that to writing a chapter for the docs
homepage for "I'm a developer - what documentation can I find?"

Agenda for this meeting

To do in real life

  • Add version selector to new rendering chain.
  • Publish website through new rendering chain.
  • Adjust template to not contain hardcoded domain, in order to work on new staging server.
  • Automate rendering and publishing of ViewHelpers, joined by Anja
  • TodoCurrent deployment of extensions manuals has a "missing symlink" bug

Planned task forces

Global search - eleasticsearch

Very cool! Nikolai is coming up with a link to an experimental version of a first implementation of an "elasticsearch solution": This is highly appreciated!

The team encourages Nikolai very much to continue. Next step for Nikolai would be to push his code from three local folders
to these public repos:

Working title: "Docs homepage"

MB: I have just added to the team leaders protocol of meeting 2018-11-15 about the need for image material for the docs homepage:
"""The T3DocTeam delays the request to the design team. Instead: The T3DocTeam will try to find people
for a "documentation editorial content team (proper homepage!)" first. First efforts were made at the
T3CRR in Essen at 2 Nov, 2018. It would then be the task of that team to request proper media
(images, icons) to make the docs home page more appealing and useful."""

Next meeting

  • The next regular meeting will be on Thursday, December 20, 2018, 3rd Thursday of the month, 14:00 CET (Berlin), 13:00 UTC (London), 20:00 ICT (Kambodscha)

End of the meeting: 14:39 CET, 13:39 UTC, 20:39 ICT

The notes:
Moved to Forge wiki:
Forge overview:

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