2019-03-22 Team meeting

2019-03-22 Team meeting (TYPO3 Documentation Slack Call)

Attendees: Martin, Daniel, Sybille, Nikolai, Mattes

Beginning of the meeting: 13:00 UTC (London), 14:00 CET (Berlin), 20:00 ICT (Cambodia)


  • How is everybody doing?


  • Daniel Siepmann joined, as planned, T3Board as a Documentation Sprint. Thanks to Sybille for providing their place.
    • Daniel discussed, together with Helmut Hummel and Claus Due, how to proceed with View Helper Documentation. Right now Markdown would be the preferred format. Claus also would prefer a long term solution, which was also suggested by Sybille. There an documentation would be provided for each ViewHelper at a specified location. This still has to be discussed with Neos Team. Everything happens within Pull Request right now. Daniel will do the work to update all Source Code Comments afterwards.
    • There was no discussion about
    • Daniel presented some insights into Docs: history, current state, future, rst, ways to contributed. This presentation was given during T3Board and TYPO3 Camp Venlo. The Content are available here:
    • Together with Josef Glatz, the T3DocsTheme frontend build was "fixed". After improvements from T3O Sprint there is no bower involved anymore. Instead yarn is used and npm version manager is supported. Also readme and gulp tasks were adjusted to reflect those changes.
    • The Docker container for rendering was cleaned up. It's still to big for only HTML rendering. There is now documentation how to use a local version of T3DocsTheme while rendering / compiling the image.
    • 404 Handling was improved. It's now possible to have an 404.rst / 404.html within each manual, which will be used. If none is found, the fallback 404.html of will be used.
    • Daniel started a blog post containing all parts of T3Board achievements:
    • Daniel checked which looks promising
  • ....
  • Sybille: Wrote News on Improvements for Documentation Contributors:
  • Sybille: Self-assigned to be maintainer for "Getting Started Tutorial", working on "Getting Started Tutorial"
  • Merged several PR, worked on some Issues, opened new Issues

Open items from last sprint?

Agenda - today, here

What do we want to talk about today?

  • next Slack call: be April 26, 2019 (because of Easter)
  • plan next Sprints?
  • task forces: How to proceed?
  • progress on defining "caretaker" for each manual? How can we proceed? :
  • next steps for working on theme: how to proceed? (version selector, width of readable content, etc.)

To do

To do in real life in TYPO3 documentation: Who + what

Next meeting

Regular meeting will be on the 3rd Friday of the month (changed from Thursday)


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