2019-07-05 Team meeting (Slack Call)

Attendees: Martin Bless, Daniel Siepmann, Sybille Peters, Tom Warwick, Nikolai Townsend

Beginning of the meeting: 14:00 CEST +02:00 (Berlin)


  • How is everybody doing?

Open points from last call?


Agenda - today, here

What do we want to talk about today?

  • First half of year has passed: It's time to report to the T3A and to the community
  • Sybille: Start "Focused Slack Calls": have a Slack call specifically for one topic, Announce this in advance, keep it short, send out information about this in advance. Advantage: everyone has very little time. This way other people can join specifically for only one topic
  • Sybille: Communicate more about specific tasks that need to be done. Documentation Initiatives (doing)
  • Sybille: prioritize tasks?
  • Sybille: optimize workflow * docker / Docker Compose * editor / IDE

To do

To do in real life in TYPO3 documentation:

  • Martin: Contact Stefan Busemann and organize a Slack call
  • Sybille: Will check whether we could join the initiatives week. If so, a new sprint should be planned. If not, we should publish a "Save the date" event on
  • Sybille: talk with Susi to give access to decision to team only (as in core decision, to find mentor for issue)
  • Sybille: continue with Initiatives
  • Daniel: remind content group to publish Fluid sprint
  • Daniel: Add content to initiatives
  • Daniel: SkillDisplay joining forces, back references, URL structure with versions
    - Possibilities for the future
  • Daniel: Migration fluiftypo3/fluid ViewHelper to rst
  • Tom: Finalise Templating page for "Getting Started Tutorial"
  • Tom: Complete "Fluid for Integrators Tutorial" cc Claus
  • Tom: Propose Slack call for Fluid documentation planning
  • Nikolai: work on "reST in 10 minutes"


Combined Sprint:
Sprint 2: 12. - 14.8.2019 - Freiburg (lead by marketing team) - 20 persons
Sprint 3: 22.09. -25.09.2019 - Hof (lead by t3o-team) - 20 persons (in planning)
Sprint 4: Düsseldorf October 2019 - 15 Persons
Sprint 5: 03.11. - 6.11.2019 - Essen (lead by t3o-team) - 15 persons

Initiatives Week: 20. - 27. October


Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month:

Aug 16, 2019 - 14:00 CEST +02:00 (Amsterdam - Berlin - Paris)


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