2019-08-23 Team meeting (Slack Call)

Attendees: Andreas Nedbal, Daniel Siepmann, Lina Wolf, Martin Bless, Mathias Schreiber, Niklas Townsend, Susanne Moog, Sybille Peters

Beginning of the meeting: 13:00 UTC (London), 14:00 CET (Berlin), 20:00 ICT (Cambodia)


  • How is everybody doing?


Agenda - today, here

What do we want to talk about today?
  • Temporary manual approval of new rendering requests in Intercept Interface (Daniel / Inc.) * Notifications to GitHub / Slack / Mail?
  • Future plans to integrate Skill Display upcoming (Blog Post)

To do

To do in real life in TYPO3 documentation:

  • who / what
  • Daniel auto add version during rendering, set in jobfile.json during bamboo run. Info should be available as environment variable "source_branch"
  • Daniel redirects wish to add Notifications to Slack #typo3-documentation channel for new approvals.
  • Daniel will discuss how to check documentation for certification. Can one prepare himself for all asked questions?
  • Martin: Figure out what solutions there could be for keeping "deprecations" in the docs.
  • (document what should be done for a new TYPO3 release (e.g. example with links to manuals in correct version in Settings.cfg))

Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month:

Month DD, 2019

13:00 UTC (London), 14:00 CET (Amsterdam - Berlin - Paris) - one hour


After the meeting, the notes will be moved to the forge wiki.

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