2020-01-24 Team meeting (slack call)

Attendees: Daniel Siepmann, Martin Bless, Sybille Peters, Benjamin Kott

Beginning of the meeting: 14:00 CET (Berlin) UTC+01:00)


  • How is everybody doing?


  • Benjamin Kott has very much refactored the t3SphinxThemeRtd. The pull request ist merged. With that the theme is totally independend of the ReadTheDocs theme.
    That's the reason there now even is a new repository for it, created only yesterday: This will be the
    future: independent of RTD, better name.

Agenda - today, here

What do we want to talk about today?

  • Let's talk about acknowledgement. Why not start the new year with some? * Sybille: I am creating a list of contributors from the git commits. Will send you information about my progress end of this week

Postponed (to next meeting):

To do

To do or doing in real life in TYPO3 documentation:

  • Martin: Is working on the Docker container. Release and deployment to server planned for next week, if everything is working together well.
    Including localized manuals and the new theme.
  • Sybille: Is working on preparing list of contributors for acknowledgements

What we actually did in this meeting

  • Benjamin showed details of the work he has done on the new theme and how thing are working.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting is planned for the 3rd Friday of the month:

Februar 21, 2020

14:00 CET (Berlin) UTC+01:00

End of meeting 15:00 CET.

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