ReST migration post-processing


We're handling the documentation repositories on (see "Documentation/TYPO3" there).

The files of all manuals can be downloaded from

Additional information:

For more information on working with Git and Gerrit, please see:


1) clone the Git repository, which you are dealing with, on your computer. This will basically create an empty folder. Place yourself inside this folder

2) install the post-commit hook for Gerrit:

scp -p -P 29418 <username> .git/hooks/

where "<username>" is your username

3) navigate to the according folder from the tar-archive and get the file ".gitignore" and the subfolder "Documentation" with all files in it from the corresponding folder. Place them in the empty folder

4) remove the file "Documentation/.gitignore" (if present).

5) edit the file Documentation/Index.rst. Directly above the line ".. toctree::" (near the bottom of the file) add the line "**Table of Contents**" (without the "", but with the **).

6) adjust the table with the meta information (starting with ":Previous key:" up to ":License:") to contain the same information as it does in the other manuals, e.g. here:

7) add the notice "**Official documentation**" and the standard text for the documentation category (e.g. Core Manual) if it is not there.

8) commit to Git with the following commit message:

[TASK] Import original reST structure

Import the original reST file structure resulting from the migration
of the OpenOffice document.

9) push to Gerrit. Wait for feedback :-)

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