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Testserver URI backend (With this we can make TESTS with rating, comments, manual-import and so on. You can play with this a bit!):

Who has admin-account to this test-server: Steffen, Daniel, Martin


We found out that it's best to edit the manuals via TYPO3, because there are MANY advantages. We have to export each manual as docBook, because that's the standard the TER needs. We have to import .sxw or docBook, because nobody wants to copy-paste a whole manual. A manual written in the wiki can be copy-pasted to an OpenOffice-"HTML-document" and then saved as .sxw

The first time (until January 2009) we can edit the manuals via TYPO3-Backend, for public usage we need to do it via FE-editing.

Tip: the EXT bitsoffice now can import ODT-documents

To do list

most important: TSRef and TYPO3 Core API -- as copy of the core-manual, so that comments and snippets are possible

the next steps


what we don't need for the moment


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