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Who has admin-account to this test-server: Daniel, Martijn, Sebastian


We use the wiki to create new manuals, because so we have a very low barrier for people who want to contribute a sentence, or want to translate just a word.
The first time (until January 2009) we can edit the manuals via TYPO3-Backend, for public usage we need to do it via FE-editing.

Most important in the wiki: The tagging for all pages, german TSRef, the Release-Infos from the core-team, Core-team-pages with links to mantis bugtracker, some extension-manuals

By the way: In the ancient time of wikis (around 1996 ... 2001) there was a "TourBus" managed by and connected the different wikis. e.g. the software-developers-lines 42 and 108. Each wiki had a "TourBusStop" with a list of "the famous" pages. Now wikis have a "WikiNode" ( to link to neighbors.

To do list

most important: TSRef and TYPO3 Core API -- as copy of the core-manual, so that comments and snippets are possible

the next steps

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