What should be changed, optimized?

The DocTEAM keeps the documentation effort focussed the right way to support documentation-writers.

Want to help? Just see what topics you're interested in and join us!

We mostly talk via skype, email, phone, forge.
Our newsgroup is typo3.projects.documentation.

The current milestone is 4.4 - mediawiki to develop new manuals, forge for team-spaces, OpenOffice to write and publish manuals as .sxw files in TER.

Now we're focusing on
  • milestone 6 (docbook-import for coming - Martin Holtz, Daniel Brüßler
  • milestone 4.4
    • cleanup of old pages and merges in - Martijn Verloop, Cyrill Helg, Daniel Brüßler
    • - Daniel Brüßler
    • regularly backups of the DB - Daniel Brüßler
    • get utf8-DB-backup of to recover the japanese wiki-pages - Daniel Brüßler
    • publishing ts45min_en - Kees van der Hall
Last steps were

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