Extension Key Transfer

2008-09-20 (Steffen Kamper, Patrick Gaumond, Daniel Brüßler)
2014-03-04 (Xavier Perseguers, Jigal van Hemert)
2014-08-21 (Thomas Scheibitz)

I'd like to make improvements to an extension, but the extension owner doesn't respond to emails. Can the extension key be transferred to me?

Every extension author must provide a valid, active email address. It is up to the extension author to check this address, set spam filters appropriately, etc.

If an extension key is registered but no versions have been released to the TER, no response to at least 3 emails over a 3 month period is a valid reason to transfer an extension key from the original owner. You can contact the Extension Coordination Team through its mailing list (typo3.teams.extension-coordination) to request the extension key transfer.

If the extension has been released to the TER, at least 6 emails over a 6 month period and a discussion on the Extension Coordination Team Mailing List (typo3.teams.extension-coordination) are required. The final decision about transferring the extension key will come from the Extension Coordination Team.

If the extension is registered to the user "abandoned_extensions" contact the Extension Coordination Team through its mailing list (typo3.teams.extension-coordination) or in the Forum to request the extension key transfer.

I'd like to stop maintaining an extension.

Transfer the extension to the user "abandoned_extensions". This way it's clear that there is no active maintainer anymore. If someone wants to take over the Extension Coordination Team can immediately transfer the key to the new maintainer.

An extension is owned by "abandoned_extensions". I don't want to maintain it, but I have some improvements.

Prepare an updated version and ask for reviews of community members in one of the mailing lists / newsgroups / forums. Post the results in the Extension Coordination Team list and we'll help you from that point.

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