TYPO3 Editorial Team

The TYPO3 Editorial Team was founded to create and publish new content and articles on the typo3.org and other official TYPO3 related websites. Also the TYPO3 Editorial Team reports about TYPO3 developments and events. A main goal of the team is to permanently maintain and improve the content on typo3.org.

How you can help:

The TYPO3 Editorial Team is searching for motivated TYPO3 community members, who are interested in giving something back to our favorite Content Management System.

A wide range of different tasks is available for almost every kind of TYPO3 enthusiasts. Starting with content monitoring or proofreading, over copy- or feature writing, up to power editing and many more - almost everything is possible if you are interested in TYPO3 and want to join our team.

You are encouraged to join us either on a regular basis, as a team member, or to help out occasionally as a contributor.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact:

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Boris Hinzer (web-vision)


Daniel Siepmann (layne.obserdia)


Den Denyer (denyerec)
Guido Haase (moose)
Moritz Krauß (moritzkrauss)


Andrea Moroni (sprinter)
Bernd Wilke (piphi)
Justus Moroni (jmoroni)
Mathias Schreiber (dermattes)
Natalie Klinke (leisa218)
Stephanie Bröxkes (chitephy)
Sven Gerlach (s_gerlach1)
Sven Wappler (svenwappler)
Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (tomasnorre)