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Article Topics (for

Everybody who has comments on this and/or wants to suggest a topic and/or wants to write something, please don't hesitate to mail sacha.storz[at]typo3[dot]org or ben.vantende[at]typo3[dot]org! or post on the ML

  • PSL (Professional Services Listing) experiences so far
    intervied Frederic G. for info (SACHA)
    article under review
  • Rasmus the Ghost
    Video interview DONE (SACHA)
    Rasmus is working on an article
  • T3 Summer of code
    not sure what will happen there, will talk to Tobi soon (SACHA)
  • TYPO3 Camps
    All over the place... a phenomenon especially strong in the TYPO3 community, maybe ask organizers what motivates them etc. (SACHA)
  • Extbase -- The bridge from 4.x/6.x to FLOW/Phoenix
    Have to do something about “The future of extbase” anyway with Felix (SACHA)
  • Phnom Penh
    Who will be there to report and write something?
  • Integrator certification validity
    Certification Team works on a solution for the versioning jump (4x/6x). Have to publish according info soon. (SACHA)
  • Rewrite info on ML, Forum etc. [proposal:steffen]
  • Search!
    Search is obviously important. Coming from simple search, indexed search, other extensions to Solr would give an interesting article imho.

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