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Sacha Storz, 2012-06-03 17:23

Editorial Team

The relaunch of will be in the beginning of 2012. We need to define what the responsibilities if the editorial team are


  1. Content on
    1. Suggesting new articles, writing articles, editing articles
    2. Sending them to the proof readers.
  2. Checking labels and descriptions of records.

Article Topics

Everybody who has comments on this and/or wants to suggest a topic and/or wants wo write something, please don't hesitate to mail sacha.storz[at]typo3[dot]org or ben.vantende[at]typo3[dot]org!

  • PSL (Professional Services Listing) experiences so far
    intervied Frederic G. for info (SACHA)
    article under review
  • T3CON12 Quebec
    already talking to Patrick G. (SACHA)
    article published
  • Rasmus the Ghost
    Interview DONE (SACHA)
  • T3 Summer of code
    not sure what will happen there, will talk to Tobi soon (SACHA)
  • TYPO3 Camps
    All over the place... a phenomenon especially strong in the TYPO3 community, maybe ask organizers what motivates them etc. (SACHA)
  • Extbase -- The bridge from 4.x/6.x to FLOW/Phoenix
    Have to do something about “The future of extbase” anyway with Felix (SACHA)
  • Phnom Penh
    Who will be there to report and write something?

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