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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
57059 Bug Closed Should have Documents not foud on the server Actions
11367 Bug Closed Must have The object "F3\Party\Domain\Repository\AccountRepository" does not exist Actions
11366 Bug Closed Must have Invalid configuration option "factoryClassName" Actions
11365 Bug Closed Must have Class GravatarViewHelper extents from wrong class BlogExample Actions
11338 Bug Closed Must have Wrong code in getting started tutorial Actions
11332 Bug Closed Must have No access permission for API documentation Server Administration Actions
6942 Bug Closed Should have Compare features also with Yii.. Actions
126 Bug Resolved Should have Link color and bullets are undefined in right bar HTML / CSS 1.0.0 Actions
37370 Bug Resolved Must have Breadcrumb menu order is wrong after third level Aske Ertmann Actions
42367 Bug Resolved Must have Broken Link to the TYPO3 Flow Coding Guidelines on one page Bastian Waidelich Content Actions
42133 Bug Resolved Should have Replace "FLOW3" on contribute page Bastian Waidelich Content Actions
39831 Bug Resolved Should have Style Guide link broken Bastian Waidelich Content Actions
34668 Bug Resolved Should have Screencast links broken on Firefox Bastian Waidelich Content Actions
31864 Bug Resolved Should have Wrong Link Part 2 - Routing to Part 3 -> routing Bastian Waidelich Content Actions
31222 Bug Resolved Should have Ordering of links at Bastian Waidelich Actions
154 Bug Resolved Should have Layout / floating of feature box is broken in Safari Christian Jul Jensen HTML / CSS 1.0.0 Actions
125 Bug Rejected Should have Content positioning of documentation is wrong Christian Jul Jensen HTML / CSS 1.0.0 Actions
118 Bug Resolved Should have JS-error in bee3_scalablefeature Christian Jul Jensen TS / Extensions 1.0.0 Actions
458 Bug Closed Should have Issues when printing e.g. the documentation Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS Actions
426 Bug Rejected Could have Content is (almost) completely invisible in IE6 Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS Actions
327 Bug Resolved Should have All URLs (,, should link to one URL Karsten Dambekalns Server Administration Actions
325 Bug Resolved Should have Code-listings run into sidebar blocks Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS Actions
190 Bug Resolved Could have Width limitation is gone, content becomes as wide as possible Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS Actions
188 Bug Closed Should have first news not clickable. Karsten Dambekalns Actions
185 Bug Resolved Should have Text rendering on documentation/reference/component-manager/ (possible duplicate) Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS Actions
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