With this you create a public custom search to see the issue-categories
in the /issues-list.

HowTo create categories for your issues

Klick at the Settings-tab, then issue-categories

HowTo create a "custom search" and see the category in the project-issue-list

For project-leaders -- public access for all project-members

  • Klick at the Issues-tab
  • klick it "search", "save"
  • set the checker for "public"
  • "add filter", select "category", choose the needed categories
  • remove the checker from the checkbox "Default columns", then select "columns" and remove tracker and updated, add category
  • save

For members -- just private access
thanks to Susanne Moog

  • Login to forge.
  • Go to "*My Page*" on the upper left side (top menu).
  • Click "View all issues" beneath one of the blocks there.
  • Configure the filter to show what you want (for example "all open bugs assigned to me").
  • Click "Apply" to submit your filter and check if the results are what you wanted.
  • Then click Save (next to Apply)
  • Choose a name for your search (this is the name that shows up in the your query list, so choose a meaningful one).
  • You can redefine your filters here, if you forgot something.
  • Then click "Save".
  • You just finished making your own custom search.
  • To find your search just go to your project and click on "Issues". On the right you have "*Custom queries*". Your query should show up there.

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