Project Administration

This page intends to describe all options you need to know if you are the leader of a forge project.


You can give certain roles to your users. Below is a description which role does what:

  • Leader: Team/Project leader. Can manipulate the project settings and appoint new members. He has all rights of the Member as well.
  • Co-Leader: same as Leader.
  • Product Owner: TODO
  • Member: Team/Project member. Has SVN access, and bugs can be assigned to him. Besides, he sees the "Internal documents" module.
  • Inactive Member: Like Member, this is just a marker that this person is not active at the moment.
  • Pending Member: A member with no special rights at that point, somebody who wants to be a part of the team but was not yet appointed as a team member by the Leader.
  • Logged in: Can edit the wiki and post new bugs
  • Anonymous: Can view all content.

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