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Sebastian Kurfuerst, 2010-08-02 13:22

Server Overview

  • DNS Names:,
  • Reverse DNS name:
  • is the subversion server of the TYPO3 project.
  • is the joint development platform of the TYPO3 project.
  • is the development instance of New features for forge are tested there

Operating System, Security Updates

  • is housed at, where it runs on a dedicated server.
  • The operating system is FreeBSD.
  • In case any packages are needed to be installed, contact Patrick Hausen from
  • Security Updates are done by

Important URLs

SSH Logins

  • Root login via SSH is disabled
  • SSH logins are only allowed via public-key-authentication. Every user has his own user name. After login, you can switch user with sudo and entering your password.
  • Please protect your private SSH key with a strong password, and as well your username on forge.

Paths and important scripts

  • Subversion: /var/svn/
  • Apache Configuration: /usr/local/etc/apache22/
  • Apache Webroot: /var/apache/
  • Rails Root: /var/rails/
    • Redmine Live Instance ( /var/rails/
    • Redmine Development Instance ( /var/rails/
  • Helper scripts for SVN and Forge: /home/forge/

Start and Stop Scripts

  • Apache: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache22 {start,stop,restart}
  • Redmine: can be restarted by doing "touch /var/rails/"
  • Redmine Development: can be restarted by doing "touch /var/rails/"
  • MySQL: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server {start,stop,restart}

Serving rails websites to the masses (Phusion Passenger)

  • We use Phusion Passenger to run Rails.


  • The backup is run by
  • In case any files are needed, contact Patrick Hausen or Wolfgang Zenker.
  • In case of a disk failure, raid controller failure, etc, they will handle desaster recovery.


  • Backup:
  • Restore:
  • Security Updates:
  • The project members of this team

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