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Using forge in Mylyn

This page intends to describe usage of forge issue tracker as Mylyn Task Repository in Eclipse.
You won't be able to interact (e.g. closing ticket etc..) but you will see all project issues in Eclipse.

Install necessary feature in Eclipse

Open Install/Update in Eclipse an create a new Remote Update Site:
*Name: Mylyn Incubator

Then install feature Mylyn Connector: Web Templates provided by this update site.

Setting up Task Repository

Now open Eclipse view Mylyn Task Repositories and choose "Add Task Repository".
Fill in following:
*Label: TYPO3 Forge
*select Anonymous Access

in Additional Setting
*add parameter project but leave value empty

in Advanced Configuration
Task URL: ${serverUrl}/issues/show/
*New task URL: ${serverUrl}/projects/${project}/issues/new
*Query request URL: ${serverUrl}/projects/${project}/issues
Query pattern: <td class="subject">.
?<a href="/issues/show/(\d+)">(.+?)</a></td>

Mylyn Task Repository

Setting up Task Query

Now open Eclipse view Mylyn Task List and choose "New Query".
If you have more than one Task Repository configured, you'll need to select the above configured forge one.

In the query configuration you have to set the project value that we left empty and a query title that identifies the query and project
In my case, an extension:
*parameter project: extension-EXTKEY (example: extension-t3sec_saltedpw)

Mylyn Task Query

View of your tasks / project issues

Everything is configured. Now, you should be able to see a list of your tasks in Eclipse view Mylyn Task List.

Mylyn Task List




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