Working with SVN

You'll find lots of information in the SVN Book

If you want the SVN Revision included in the checkouts, please use

upload the code into the repository

Create folder "tags" for tagging

svn mkdir --username USERNAME -m "tags-folder created"

Tag a version-number for TER

Fast alternative:
extkey="EXTENSIONKEY"; versionTER="X.Y.Z", versionSVN="X-Y-Z"; user="USERNAME"; svn copy$extkey/trunk$extkey/tags/Version-$versionSVN --username $user -m "version $versionTER in TER"

Copying your local repository to forge

We will use CLI tool svk to do this. We first mirror both repositories to the local PC and merge changes afterwards.

Done. The option incremental means that each revision of your local repository will be committed separate. If you leave it out, only one commit will be done containing the current status of your local repository.

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