This project is closed and read-only.

DEPRECATED: The forum will be shut down as decided here

This project is about creating a TYPO3 forum resource which is synchronized to the TYPO3 Newsgroups and Mailinglists.

The development server of the forum project is on http://forum.typo3.org.



Tim Duelken (fladi)


Joern Bock (jobock)


Bastian Bringenberg (avalarion_avarres)
Michael Stucki (stucki)
Steffen Gebert (stephenking)

Inactive Member

Martin Terber (mateng)

Latest news

Forum going public beta (20 comments)
Added by Tim Duelken over 6 years ago

SSO now working on forumdev (11 comments)
The single sign-on code is now added on forumdev.typo3.org so that people should be able to log in using their typo3.org users.
Added by Christine Gerpheide over 8 years ago

Status update (6 comments)
Here is what happend the last weeks.
Added by Tim Duelken over 8 years ago

Forum running (5 comments)
We now have a running "Test"-Forum
Added by Tim Duelken over 8 years ago

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