Forum going public beta (20 comments)

Added by Tim Duelken over 6 years ago

As of now the TYPO3-Forum is official in state "public beta". Please report any bugs/suggestions/ideas to the bugtracker or get in contact with Steffen or Tim.

SSO now working on forumdev (11 comments)

Added by Christine Gerpheide over 8 years ago

Logins can be made using the pretty popup form located in the main nav.

Some details about what to expect from the SSO:

If there are any posts from your email in the newsgroups/forum, it should match your typo3 account to the forum account based on the email. If you update something like your name in, the next time you should log in it should update that in the forum as well. Passwords -- like with all typo3 SSO implementations -- are not stored in the forum's database, only on

Of course, feel free to test and raise issues,

Status update (6 comments)

Added by Tim Duelken over 8 years ago

Dear Team!

First of all I want to apologize the lack of information on this project. I was ill quite a long time but hope this is over now.

What happend in the meantime? I met with Denis and Joerg from AOE Media and we discussed the new layout. Denis already designed the front page and continues to work on details. Our job is to define further layouts and things that neet to be improved.

Christine worked on the SSO adapter and Kay supported her with reviewing it.

Joern submitted the first working markup of the new layout which we could use as a base for the forum layout.

Next step will be to implement the markup/layout to a new FudForum-Theme.

Best regards

Forum running (5 comments)

Added by Tim Duelken over 8 years ago

The forum is now running on its development domain and can be reached via I guess we'll have to protect the page with a login when starting the design work in order to make sure we are not faster than the relaunch of

Here is what we have so far:
  • FUDForum 3.0.2 up and running
  • SSO Login working against a development system (thanks to Christine)
  • Newsgroup <-> Forum sync running every 5 minutes via cron-job
  • Sync script quite stable with some automatic crash discovery ;-)
  • first "TYPO3"-Template based on the "old"
  • currently 490000 messages and 15000 users imported

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