Basic information about TYPO3 CMS licenses

This describes the current (08/27/2013) situation which might change in the future.


TYPO3 CMS Core => GPLv2 or later + Packages with compatible licenses
TYPO3 CMS Extensions => GPLv2 or later + Packages with compatible licenses

That's important, because it means that TYPO3 and its extensions have a dual license under GPLv2 + GPLv3, since the latter is the current version of the GPL. In case that GPLv3 should be more restrictive in some parts, it means, that the combination of both licenses having the least restrictions for the user applies. A license compatible with GPLv3 is e.g. the Apache v2 license, which is used for OpenID.
Nota Bene: There is some WIP on the compatibility of GPL and other Licenses currently pending. See our open Issues for that.


For TypoScript there is no license, because only the interpreter is part of TYPO3 and therefore licensed under GPLv2 or later. This does not include TypoScript which is written by an integrator. Most of the parts of a TypoScript setup are anyways collections of snippets, which are freely available in the web without any license. Additionally the level of creativity for these snippets is not high enough to claim for copyright (or copyleft). Without a copyright they can not be licensed at all and therefore are to be considered as public domain.

Templates and designs

Any templates or designs, be it TemplaVoila DS, Fluid, HTML, CSS, JS, Images or whatever, are not connected to the TYPO3 core or the TYPO3 extensions by default. Unless they become an integrated part of an extension and would be useless without that extension, they can get any possible license, as soon as they have got enough level of creativity to claim for a copyright. Even if they would be available for download together or even as part of an extension, they do not necessarily have to be licensed GPLv2 or later, as long as there are no real dependencies between extension code and template/design code. A dependency would be e.g. mixed PHP and HTML code making use of TYPO3-API-methods, which hopefully is something that nobody would do anymore.

Introduction and Government packages

The introduction package as well as the government package can be used as a base for own sites. Using the introduction package, this is restricted to the structure and the TypoScript but you are not allowed to use the content or the design. The government package allows to use the content and the design as well, as long as the original creator is mentioned as defined in the creative commons license. It could be of interest to know that a new introduction package is underway which hopefully will have the same freedom of usage as the government package.

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