The Quality Assurance (QA) Team serves as a central place for discussion about improvements regarding quality.

Our main goal is to coordinate action on how we can improve the quality of TYPO3 and related projects.

Some tasks we are working on:

  • Constantly running systematic checks on the entire TYPO3 ecosystem at
  • Publishing comprehensive code metrics at
  • Emergency maintenance of orphaned TYPO3 extensions
  • Improve security checks on extensions
  • Write User Acceptance Tests to make sure TYPO3 works as expected

If you are interested to help, don't hesitate to join us, whether you are a Developer, Tester or TYPO3 User.

There's plenty of stuff to do for everybody!



Andy Grunwald (andy.grunwald)


Frank Gerards (frankmey74)
satish (typojohn)
Stefano Kowalke (suhemi)

Inactive Member

Christian Trabold (ctrabold)