This project was migrated to Gitlab. There are still some tickets remaining here which we will move or complete over the next Months.



Andri Steiner (steiner)


Michael Stucki (stucki)


Andreas Beutel (mehrwert)
Bastian Bringenberg (avalarion_avarres)
Stephan Großberndt (grossberndts)

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Project moved to Gitlab
This project was migrated to Gitlab (
Added by Andri Steiner almost 2 years ago

Major upgrade
This website has just been upgraded to a new major version. Check the news for further details.
Added by Michael Stucki almost 5 years ago

Renaming "TYPO3v4" repositories to "TYPO3CMS" (50 comments)
Added by Fabien Udriot almost 8 years ago

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