This is the TYPO3 Server (Infrastructure) team project.

Please use this space to report problems and bugs with our infrastructure.

Use the individual subprojects of the services if there is any and otherwise just post bugs right here in the global project.



Michael Stucki (stucki)


Andreas Beutel (mehrwert)
Andri Steiner (steiner)
Bastian Bringenberg (avalarion_avarres)
Stephan GroƟberndt (grossberndts)

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Steffen Gebert (stephenking)

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Major upgrade
This website has just been upgraded to a new major version. Check the news for further details.
Added by Michael Stucki almost 3 years ago

Renaming "TYPO3v4" repositories to "TYPO3CMS" (50 comments)
Added by Fabien Udriot about 6 years ago

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