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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
88114 Task New Should have All team members to see private issues Bastian Bringenberg
87700 Bug Accepted Should have Shutdown srv189 Michael Stucki
87699 Bug New Should have uses old nameservers
87478 Bug New Should have Web servers show the proxy IP in the access log
87443 Bug New Must have tt_board language files broken
86685 Task New Should have Translation update in TYPO3 leads to errors on extensions.t3o Michael Stucki
86497 Bug Accepted Must have Login does not work using the account
86375 Bug New Should have "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM hackmd.Sessions;" has 195368 sessions after one week
86287 Bug In Progress Must have Recurring 502 on Andri Steiner
86016 Feature Accepted Should have Replace typo3-announce mailing list Michael Stucki
86006 Task Accepted Should have Remove ms03
86005 Bug New Should have Integration of hosting partners in Forge footer broken Andreas Beutel
85943 Bug New Must have Cannot propose translations
85766 Bug Needs Feedback Should have redirect back to issue when logging in from the issue single view
84927 Bug In Progress Should have Mailbox size Michael Stucki
84474 Feature New Should have site-proxytypo3org: multiple server names for nginx vhosts
84240 Bug New Must have search ends in endless loop
84239 Bug Accepted Must have locallang.xlf downloaded file with size 0 Xavier Perseguers
83689 Bug New Should have API Documentation for TYPO3 cms missing several public functions
83327 Feature New Should have Hint for new users on login form of
83089 Feature New Should have Migrate Sympa
83088 Feature New Must have Migrate Mailman Andri Steiner
83085 Feature In Progress Should have Replace mailinglists, newsgroups and forum with Discourse Andri Steiner
82741 Feature Needs Feedback Must have Replace SSO with LDAP/OAuth for Wiki Bastian Bringenberg
82740 Task Needs Feedback Must have Replace SSO with LDAP for Pootle Translation Server
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