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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
82741 Feature Needs Feedback Must have Replace SSO with LDAP/OAuth for Wiki Bastian Bringenberg
82649 Feature On Hold Must have Replace SSO in *
81088 Task New Should have Write documentation about how to change a name in the ecosystem.
81034 Bug New Should have Cleanup unused data on Docker servers
81033 Bug Accepted Should have Use a new Redmine theme
81017 Feature New Should have Allow mysql tuning via t3-mysql
81016 Task New Must have srv173 Redmine MySQL tuning: Migrate to Chef
79548 Feature Accepted Should have Create Docker Container Andreas Beutel
79543 Feature New Must have Create Backup and Restore Script Andreas Beutel
79534 Feature New Should have Adjust LDAP Settings Andreas Beutel
79501 Task Needs Feedback Should have srv103: association mailing list migration
79500 Task Needs Feedback Should have srv102: find solution for mailman lists
79499 Task Accepted Should have srv165: shudown proxy together with physical host Michael Stucki
79498 Task Accepted Should have srv166: shudown proxy together with physical host Michael Stucki
79497 Task Accepted Should have srv161: wait for relaunch (proxy) Michael Stucki
79494 Task Needs Feedback Should have srv159: migrate pootle server
79492 Task Accepted Should have srv154: wait for decision about demo site Michael Stucki
79485 Task Accepted Should have srv139: Shutdown syslog server Bastian Bringenberg
79484 Task Accepted Should have srv136: wait for relauch (solr) Michael Stucki
79481 Task Accepted Should have srv127: shut down after relaunch Michael Stucki
79479 Task On Hold Should have srv123: documentation infrastructure
79478 Task Accepted Should have srv116: clarify situation regarding forum Michael Stucki
79477 Task Accepted Should have srv107: shut down after relaunch Michael Stucki
79476 Task New Should have srv106: migrate
79475 Task New Should have srv105: migrate web sites
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