Major upgrade

Added by Michael Stucki over 4 years ago

We're happy to inform you that the TYPO3 Forge website has been updated to version 3.3 today.

Major changes:
  • Authentication is now done using LDAP. If you are having problems with login, make sure to login on once!
  • Custom user images have been removed in favour of using Gravatar.
  • A lot of plugins have been removed by us during the update. If you miss any functionality, please let us know by creating a ticket in the project.

We are looking forward to your contributions by creating pull requests. The project can be found on

Renaming "TYPO3v4" repositories to "TYPO3CMS" (50 comments)

Added by Fabien Udriot over 7 years ago

Some remaining "TYPO3v4" repositories were to be renamed to "TYPO3CMS" on following the new branding that happened some time ago already.

The situation has been settled and naming should be conformed and unified at last! Along to the Git repositories, Gerrit Groups and Forge URL were also updated. As information, for one repository there are two Gerrit Groups, one for Members and the other for Leaders who have more permissions. This basically reflects the User responsibilities on Forge.

Assuming your extension still had the "TYPO3v4" segment, you will need to rename the remote like:

git remote set-url origin git://

Your server team.


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