Server Team Meeting 2012-04-04

  • Attendees: Joern Bock, Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Tolleiv Nietsch (attends as a guest because of the recent relaunch), Michael Stucki
  • Excused: Susanne Moog, Fabien Udriot

Topic List:

  • Status relaunch
  • Projects and budget usage 2012
  • Pending Forge issues
  • Status of the Hetzner server issue
  • Nginx-Setup for T3CON (via Chef)
  • Status of Forge update? / Forge <-> Gerrit
  • Mailing list setup
  • Documentation / Wiki
  • Next meeting

Status t3o-relaunch

  • Michael informs that the servers are running surprisingly well (the load average is below 1.0) and that the MySQL server eventually could be moved to the same machine which is already running the webserver.
  • [DONE] Michael would like to perform a restart of the varnish daemon to see how long it takes to rebuild the cache. Low-prio for now.
  • Forge issue on "Wrong encoding of fe_users table" (
  • Invalid old URLs (documentation) and RSS feeds
    • [DONE] Tolleiv will take a look at it
  • Performance issue: User who is logged in will always fetch the site from Apache (
    • [DONE] Peter and Michael take a look at it.
  • Bring back the TER mirrors
    • Wolfgang Zenker of noticed that the TER mirrors are no longer synchronized after the relaunch.
    • It turns out that nobody considered this during the planning.
    • [DONE] Steffen will talk to Wolfgang to get some details on how the existing solution worked, and will work on a solution.
  • Redis Cache Backend for the website
    • [DONE] Steffen and Michael take a look. Low priority.

Projects and budget usage 2012

  • We have some plans for workshops during the year but did not start with the planning of these yet.
    Joern was contacted by Jan-Hendrik Heuing (new EAB member) regarding the details of a budget for a "new TER". We conclude that this project is not part of the relaunch, and he should contact Fabien to get more details.
  • [INFO] Joern will talk to Fabien. => moved to next meeting protocol

Pending Forge issues

  • [INFO] Everyone please take a look at open issues!

Status of the Hetzner server issue

  • [INFO] Our Server at Hetzner which is sponsored by Jochen Weiland had 3 hard disk crashes within 3 months. Even though the disks were always replaced promply by Hetzner, we would like to move to a new, more modern hardware. Steffen talked to Jochen Weiland about the problem. Jochen gave his okay to just order a new server as we wish.
  • [DONE] Steffen and Michael will order a new server.
  • Many thanks to Jochen Weiland for the generous donation!!

Nginx-Setup for T3CON (via Chef)

  • [DONE] The server has been set up by Steffen
  • [DONE] Michael has informed Sandra Krieg that the server is set up and running, since she asked for a status about a week ago.

Status of Forge update? / Forge <-> Gerrit

  • [TODO] Peter is still working on it.

Mailing list setup

  • [DONE] The setup has been documented in our internal wiki
  • [DONE] Steffen will create new lists that have been requested meanwhile.

Documentation / Wiki

  • [DONE] We will create a public wiki in the public forge project where protocols are published (no more publication of protocols in the internal wiki)
  • [INFO] Michael will talk to Fabien about keeping Dropbox up to date (see #36140)

Next meeting

  • [INFO] The next meeting will take place at April 18, 2012 08:00 CEST.