Server Team Meeting 2012-04-13

  • Attendees: Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Christian Trabold (guest), Tolleiv Nietsch (guest), Michael Stucki

Topic List relaunch status

  • [INFO] Charset issue on Still affected: tx_pastecode_code (see Michael will take care of this (see #36141)
  • [INFO] We fixed the performance issue with logged in frontend users on in a very nice way. Tolleiv suggests that we write a blog post about this. We'll try to write one or the other article about this and other nice features of the new infrastructure...-
  • [INFO] Redis is now used on as the caching backend

Projects and budget usage 2012

  • [INFO] No news since last time. Moved to #36142

Status of the Hetzner server issue

  • [INFO] A new server has been ordered and we're currently waiting to get further info from Hetzner. Once again, we'd like to thank Jochen Weiland / for their very generous donation!

Status of Forge update? / Forge <-> Gerrit

  • [INFO] Peter is still working on it (in fact, he worked on it again today).
  • [INFO] Peter is still unsure if we should switch to Chiliproject (which is a fork of Redmine) or stay with Redmine. Christian will ask his colleague about a recommendation. Other inputs are very welcome! Moved to #36146.
  • [INFO] Peter has Gerrit project creation automated at 90% finished
  • [INFO] Peter has created two more gerrit projects

Documentation / Wiki

  • [INFO] Michael will talk to Fabien about keeping Dropbox up to date (see #36140)

Membership status

  • [INFO] We have invited Christian Trabold to join our team. He is currently thinking about it, and you are welcome to motivate him to support us with his expertise (
  • [INFO] Tolleiv Nietsch has done an extremely great job on getting the new website done, and we still have plans to do more tasks in close connection with him. Tolleiv will try to join our upcoming meetings as long as there is more work to do regarding the website relaunch.
  • [INFO] Sebastian Kurf├╝rst and Susanne Moog have recently asked us to leave the team as both are working hard on other projects in the community.
  • [INFO] We thank both of them for their engamenent in the team and look forward to see them at other places... :-)

Team Page on Forge

  • [INFO] Peter has renamed our Forge page from "Infrastructure Team" to "Server Team". This will hopefully make it easier for people to find our project page.
  • [INFO] Michael will also rename the identifier and makes sure that the old URLs are still redirected. Moved to #36143.

Various Notes

  • [INFO] We have discussed the workflow of user requests that come in through mails to . Peter notes that some requests are written in non-english languages. He wonders how to deal with these.
  • [INFO] Steffen will set up a template in OTRS to easily answer such requests with an informal text. Moved to #36145.

Next meeting

  • [INFO] The next meeting will take place at April 18, 2012 08:00 CEST.