Server Team Meeting, 2012-04-18

Attendees: Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Christian Trabold, Michael Stucki
Excused: Fabien Udriot

Open Issues from last meetings (Michael)

Open Issues from t3dd12 (Fabien)

  • [INFO] - Create
    Michael will talk to Fabien
    Any hints / best practices for harden the TYPO3 installation?
  • [TODO] - Stabilize
    Fabien will take care, Michael will talk to him
  • [INFO] Chef Workshop 11.-13.05. at dkd Internet Service GmbH with Steffen, Stucki, Peter N., Tolleiv, Fabien. Thanks already to dkd for the host!
  • [TODO] Please collect topics / questions for the workshop so Christian Trabold can prepare the workshop best to fit our needs.
  • [TODO] Christian will provide virtual Debian 6 Boxes based on Vagrant ( so we have a playground to test some cookbooks during the workshop.
  • [SKIP] How to use Forge projects for (concept) (Joern)
    Joern is not attending, so we'll skip this issue until next time
  • [TODO] Status of the new Hetzner server (Michael)
    Michael needs to respond to Jochens mail regarding the new IPs

New members / Member listing cleanup (Michael)

  • [INFO] Christian Trabold is willing to join the team. Welcome Christian!
  • [TODO] Michael will do the introduction together with Christian.

Disk Usage on & (Michael)

  • [TODO] Tolleiv is not attending, Michael will talk to him
  • [TODO] Steffen notes that the backup of srv112 eats up the whole backup bandwidth. Michael will talk to Tolleiv to see how we can optimize this.

Forge update, status and how to proceed (Peter)

  • [DONE] Our sources are online:
  • Evaluate ChiliProject vs. Redmine
    • [TODO] Peter will contact the maintainer to get more feedback.
  • Comments on our patches
    • [TODO] Peter will ask Sebastian Kurf├╝rst for comments on the patches he made to the existing setup.
    • [TODO] Christian will improve the chef-redmine cookbook ( and test it on a Debian 6 Vagrant box
    • [TODO] Christian has very good experiences with testing cookbooks locally with Vagrant. After testing the cookbook it can be easily deployed to the production box.

Monitoring issues? (Peter)

  • [INFO] We had no more time to disucss this. Topic is moved to the mailing list.

Find a better communication tool than Skype

  • [TODO] Michael will make a test run with Skype, BBB, Google Hangout

Chef deployment

Next meeting

  • [INFO] The next meeting will take place on May 2, 2012 08:00 CEST.