Server Team Meeting, 2012-05-02

Attendees: Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Fabien Udriot, Christian Trabold, Tolleiv Nietsch, Michael Stucki

Open Issues from last meetings (Michael)

  • [SKIP] How to use Forge projects for (concept) (Joern). Joern is not attending, so we'll skip this issue until next time.

Forge status (Peter)

  • [INFO] Migration / Creation of Gerrit projects now works completely through one script
  • [TODO] Project permissions (leader / member) are not taken into consideration yet (Peter)
  • [INFO] Tagging works only with annotated and signed tags
  • [INFO] References:
  • [TODO] Existing SVN projects should be removed after conversion (Peter)
  • [TODO] Write a annoucement about the Git migration for t3 extensions. People should create a forge ticket and assign it to Peter. (Michael + Peter)



  • [INFO] Fabien asks about the current status. Steffen already asked Peter K again.

Planning the Chef workshop in Frankfurt

  • [INFO] Start: Friday morning / End: Saturday evening
  • [TODO] Christian: Send Agenda to list
  • [TODO] Christian: Send Hotel recommendations to list


  • [TODO] Where / how to register domains ( Michael will ask the T3A board on how to proceed with the registration.

Next meeting

  • [INFO] The next meeting will take place on May 16, 2012 08:00 CEST.