Server Team Meeting, 2012-05-16

Attendees: Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Christian Trabold, Michael Stucki
Excused: Fabien Udriot


  • Move issues into Forge
  • Have everyone look at his Forge duties
  • Make the next agenda much smaller!

Open Issues from last meetings

  • [TASK] How to use Forge projects for (concept) (Joern). Joern is not attending, so we'll skip this. (
  • [TASK] Where / how to register domains ( (Michael). Michael will ask the T3A board on how to proceed with the registration. (
  • [DONE] Rename team-infrastructure to team-server-public (Michael). This was done. (
  • [TASK] Status (Michael). Fabien is still working on it and needs to contact Peter again to finish the API. (
  • [TASK] Status (Michael). Fabien is still working on it. (
  • [DONE] Status of the new Hetzner server (Michael). The server is set up and working. For now only the (upcoming) forum site is running on it.
  • [DONE] Team introduction for Christian (Michael). This was done.

Forge status (Peter)

  • [TASK] Write an annoucement that Forge SVN projects can now be migrated to Git by request. People should write a mail to if they are interested. (Michael + Peter,
  • [INFO] Existing SVN projects will be cleaned up, only a README.txt file with info about the migration remains.
  • [TASK] Peter Niederlag is working on a Redmine update to the latest version. This might take some time since the code base needs to be cleaned up beforehand... (

Backups on srv112

  • [TASK] Steffen notes that the backup of srv112 eats up the whole backup bandwidth. Michael will talk to Tolleiv to see how we can optimize this. Mail sent. (

New Backup Server

Review of the Chef workshop / next steps

Next meeting

  • [INFO] The next meeting will take place on May 30, 2012 08:00 CEST.