Server Team Meeting, 2014-03-18

Attendees: Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg, Steffen Gebert, Peter Niederlag, Michael Stucki

Beginning of the meeting: 08:00 CET.

Open Issues from last meetings


  • Recap of the last team meeting
  • Urgent issues to be discussed
  • Next steps in various projects

Status on Message Queue Server

  • [INFO] The MQ server is almost finished but not used in production yet. First tasks of it will be:
    • Create Git repositories when creating new Forge projects
    • Block spamming Forge users
  • [TODO] see

Status on Package Building Server

  • [INFO] We are working on a Jenkins server which builds Debian packages for various programs or libraries that are used by us. Current packages are: php5-eaccelerator, mysql-tuning-primer.
  • [INFO] Packages are built using Docker images which provide isolated systems for the task. More infos on that will follow later...
  • [INFO] The server was finished 90% during the team sprint, and will be used in production as soon as the upload is also implemented.
  • [INFO] The built packages will be publicly available, more info will follow later...

Status on Redmine Update

  • [INFO] The new server is ready, we are currently testing it.
  • [INFO] Go-live will need some time and we are currently trying to find a timeslot for it.


  • [TODO] The report from the team sprint is still missing. Michael will take care of it this week.
  • [TODO] We will have the next sprint some time in May or June. Michael will set up a Doodle for this.

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 01, 2014 08:00 CET

End of the meeting: 08:35 CET.