Server Team Meeting, 2014-08-05

Attendees: Bastian Bringenberg, Christian Trabold, Guido Haase, Michael Stucki

Beginning of the meeting: 08:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings


  • [INFO] The domain is offered to us from Jan-Hendrik Heuing who currently owns it. It's a short hand URL which points to the official Typoscript Reference documentation on (and does nothing more than this). Jan-Hendrik likes to hand it over to someone else.
  • [INFO] We like the short hand URL and have even used it ourselves. Still, we don't think that a .de URL should be promoted as part of the global TYPO3 infrastructure. Therefore we hope that someone else will take over the domain and continue it in the same sense like Jan-Hendrik did. Since it's only a redirect, it can run perfectly well on external infrastructure.
  • [TODO] Michael will give a feedback to Jan-Hendrik
  • Peter Kraume contacted us and offered to take over the responsibility for the domain. Thank you!

Server for Planet

  • [INFO] Christian Zenker asks for a new server to build a site (similar to )
  • [TODO] Bastian and Michael will meet in the week of Aug 11 to create the server.

QA Team

  • [INFO] Christian mentions that we should consider using Scrutinizer-CI (or something else?) instead of the existing Jenkins server to run the various CI tasks.
  • [INFO] Stefano Kowalke seems to have experiences with Scrutinizer-CI and Travis-CI already and might want to share his opinion about how these tools can replace our 'monolithic' Jenkins server:
  • [INFO] We like the suggestion, but it should be decided by those who are working most time on the CI environment.
  • [TODO] Christian will write a mail to Stefano Kowalke and Andy Grunwald

Chef and Ansible - a true love story :)

  • [INFO] We used our time to talk about Ansible (again, as Michael suggested to talk about it on our recent team meetup). Christian is already using it in production and he asks if we plan to use it also for TYPO3 infrastructure (in addition to Chef).
  • [INFO] We think that it would not conflict with our Chef cookbooks as long as both don't touch the same parts.
  • [INFO] Christian suggests to install additional services on top of our existing 'chef-flavored' infrastructure with Ansible. A prototype can help us to evaluate if we can enable other teams to contribute to our infrastructure without binding them to 'our' tool of choice in the long term.
  • [INFO] This approach could enable others to contribute with their tool (chef, puppet, ansible, salt) more and to take ownership of their application too (PaaS?). Examples: JIRA for Flow Team, Jenkins for QA team.
  • [TODO] Christian will build a prototype for an upcoming logging server using Ansible.


Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 08:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 08:40 CEST.