Server Team Meeting, 2014-08-19

Attendees: Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg, Christian Trabold, Michael Stucki, Steffen Gebert

Beginning of the meeting: 08:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings

Status LDAP Server

Team situation

  • [INFO] We should document the steps needed to become a member of our team.
  • [INFO] Jacob Floyd shows big interest in supporting us. We urgently have to include him more into our team's processes. He also showed interest in joining our team sprint.
  • [TODO] Michael will write a few lines on about how to become a team member.
  • [TODO] Michael writes a mail to Jacob about joining our team and also joining the next team sprint.

Budget 2015

  • [TODO] The budget for 2015 must be handed in until September 19, 2014. Michael reminds everyone to think about it so we can finalize our application within time.

TER Mirrors

  • [INFO] The old server (1st generation) is still running because it provides the infrastructure for TER mirroring (
  • [INFO] has contacted us several times because they like to stop this server. We need to find out what needs to be done that they can be shut down.
  • [TODO] We did some brainstorming to make everyone aware of the current situation. Steffen will create a channel to discuss this further with Christan, Andri & Michael.

Log-Server Status

Team Sprint October 3rd-5th

  • [INFO] As Munich is not possible on October 3-5 (because it's Oktoberfest), we try to find a location in the Ruhrpott area.
  • [TODO] Bastian will ask agencies around Cologne, we try to fix the location this week.


  • DNS Change: No feedback from Wolfgang yet, so Andri will send out a kind reminder.

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 08:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 09:15 CEST.