Server Team Meeting, 2015-03-03

Attendees: Bastian Bringenberg, Fabien Udriot, Michael Stucki, Peter Niederlag, Steffen Gebert
Excused: Andri Steiner,

Beginning of the meeting: 08:00 CET.

Open Issues from last meetings

Server Team Meeting March 20-22 in Frankfurt

  • [INFO] who wants to join
  • [TODO] We need an agenda
    • LDAP
    • repeating tasks: rename users, change email addresses, etc.
    • Redmine v3.0.0

TER uploads via GitHub (by Claus Due)

It's a very nice and useful initiative. We do very much welcome and support it. We just would like to get rid of the requirement to store the upload credentials ( user account credentials) on
external sites. There are two reasons that require the password
- ensure the repo is owned/managed be the user owning the extension-key
- authorize the upload to TER

There is already now the possibility to manage a repo-url for extension-key in the user-account on This would be a safe way to manage the repo-url for an extension-key in a safe/authorized way.
If the service of claus could somehow fetch this repo-url from then this url would be secured. We could then implement one magic/secret admin user that can upload any extension and is used by the service of claus.

The required efforts are-
- sync/fetch repo-url for extension from
- add/use the magic bot user for uploading

PHP hosting

  • [INFO] Bastian (manually) updated one of our servers to dotdeb PHP 5.5
  • [PROBLEM] We still have no chef-based PHP stack
  • [DISCUSS] Andri offered to provide snowflake's new Puppet modules
  • [DISCUSS] Tom Maroschik suggested
  • [DISCUSS] We don't want to compile on prod servers
  • [DISCUSS ] We could create own Debian packages on our build server
  • [DISCUSS] Another approach might be to use docker to run php
  • [INFO] Michael and Peter will give docker a try


  • Dates of meetings - can you update the invitation, Michael, please.

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Monday, March 16, 2015 16:45 CET